温迪·斯奈德开始了戏剧生涯, specialising in costume and set design for student and professional productions at the Alexander Theatre Monash University.

她在那里呆了10年,之后才与戏剧制作人合作, 比如迈克尔·艾格利, 凯文·雅各布森和卡梅隆·麦金塔.

Her 25 year career in theatre took her around the world where she educated herself in architecture and interior design.

She left show business to work with property developers as an interior designer in commercial but mostly residential applications.

邓文迪是365买球靠谱的一名导师, runs her own interior design company and consults on predominantly domestic projects, 专门从事厨房, 浴室和配色方案.



Talin's interior design career started upon graduation from the Academy of Design in Montreal, 加拿大.

She traveled to Dubai where she worked with large architectural and design practices, 在大型酒店工作, residential projects and retail outlets in newly built shopping malls across the city.

搬到伦敦后, 她可以为绿线内饰公司工作, 哪家公司专门从事游艇内饰, 以及大批居住在中东的皇室居民.

几年前她创立了自己的公司, she has managed to build her own clientele and has worked on refurb projects across the city as well as being involved in new build apartment projects 在伦敦的新开发地区. 她与客户密切合作,他们需要她在办公室布局方面的专业知识, 目前正在从事一些商业项目.

Her attention to detail and working closely with each client is what makes her method unique.



索菲·西格(索菲娅西格)经营着Seeger By Design公司, 室内设计创意公司, 装修, 属性的样式, 色彩咨询和艺术采购.

索菲从很小的时候就沉浸在艺术和设计中, 她被祖母传染了, 一个雕塑家, 父母都热爱艺术.

她学习了艺术史、色彩与设计、室内设计和新闻学. Her career to date has successfully married her passion for art, design and writing.

同时经营着一家当代艺术和设计画廊, Sophie developed a commission base for her paintings and also discovered her joy for commercial design development, 为艺术家和设计师寻找可持续发展的机会和收入.

这导致了两个土著地毯和纺织品系列与许可交易的客户, 包括DFAT, 澳洲航空和公共图书馆. Sophie has a licensing deal for her own abstract art and has works in private collections throughout Australia, 南非, 美国, UK, 丹麦和新加坡.

索菲曾担任艺术和设计导师和客座策展人, and she continues to work on residential and boutique retail interior design projects.

她是 Houzz 也是DIA的成员.





在莱佛士设计学院获得室内设计硕士学位后, Yun went on to further his discipline in interior design in reputable firms such as 首页works where he designed projects ranging from bespoke 高端住宅 houses, 零售和F&B网点.

他有丰富的经验, Yun在传授室内设计知识的同时继续实践室内设计, 经验, 以及对室内设计学院及其学生的价值.



Ashley is the creative and passionate interior design stylist behind Ashley Van Design where her services include interior design, 设计, 属性分段和样式化, 颜色咨询和自由作业.

没有什么比太空规划过程更让阿什利兴奋的了, 设计并使空间发挥其全部潜力. Helping homeowners make their personal space work for their lifestyle and/or redesigning it to reflect the current real estate market is what gets her most excited.

Ashley是一个非常自豪的室内设计学院的毕业生. 通过365买球靠谱吗的课程, 她获得了知识, 她有能力和信心去追求成为一个有创意的企业家的梦想. She also has a great deal of administrative 经验 from past positions held with one of the top five banks in the world, 在抵押贷款管理和销售支持部门.

除了和客户一起工作, 你会发现她的博客是关于室内设计的, DIY项目, 趋势, 采购和提供复古地毯和更多. 她的一些作品曾在商业杂志和学校的招股说明书上发表. 她最近还成为加拿大一家大型零售商的家庭影响者, 哪一个是绝佳的机会.



Evette安嫩代尔’s love of design was shaped and matured within the walls of the Inscape Education Group where she obtained a bachelor of design. 在这里, she first learned about insatiable curiosity and what design thinking means in all aspects of life.

她的职业生涯使她成为一名全面发展的室内设计师, 积累住宅经验, 热情好客, 商业及零售设计.

The philosophy of being a creative problem solver enabled her to first become an established freelancer and eventually ensured that Annandale Design could take flight.

Evette的公司专门从事概念设计, 零售及办公设计, taking pride in high level technical details merging effortlessly with art and design. She is always inspired to create spaces of high quality that are authentic and loyal to each client and brief. 最近, Evette推出了一个名为Design Central的连接中心和采购平台, 哪些人可以用来建造美丽的家园.

Evette is also a registered professional interior designer and professional architectural draughtsperson with her local authorities (IID & SACAP).






Laura studied architectural technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain and completed her degree at Vitus Bering University in Denmark. In 2003, she moved to the UK where she studied interior architecture at Oxford Brookes University.

劳拉在英国的国际项目中工作过, 欧洲, 以及亚洲周边屡获殊荣的建筑实践. 劳拉有做广告的经验, 高端住宅, cultural and educational projects from large-scale master planning to bespoke furniture solutions.

She also developed specialised knowledge in visual merchandising at BAU School of Design in Barcelona, 是什么让她从事与营销策略有关的私人佣金工作, retail interior and furniture design as well as collaborating with both national and international retail companies.

In 2018, Laura founded Bicbloc; an architectural design studio focused on creating design solutions to reimagine living spaces that are socially and environmentally sustainable.



Marieke Rijksen

具备商业分析师和市场营销人员的资格, Marieke first built a successful international career in marketing and business development within the medical industry. 其次是她的市场营销事业, Marieke pursued her life-long interest in beautiful 内饰 and graduated from IDI in 2013.

几年过去了,无数的家庭翻修, she built a social media presence and shares her signature style online with a few snippets of daily life. 她本人就是IDI的毕业生, she knows how to professionalise a passion for interior but also what it’s like to combine the course with the usual day-to-day commitments.

Her daily inspiration comes from her family, her home, the world around us, and travelling. 她有一个很棒的, 宽容的波涛汹涌的丈夫, 一个喜欢史前事物的十几岁的儿子, 一个迷恋狗的小女孩, 一种永恒的欲望,把家里所有的东西都挪来挪去, 对葡萄酒的热爱, 升级回收和DIY,同时持有荷兰和澳大利亚护照. 她在荷兰哈勒姆运河上的家中过着移居国外的生活.




梅根·杨 has a bachelor's degree in interior design and has had her own interior design business since 2009. 我的父亲在洛杉矶地区做商业建筑, 她一直被这个行业所吞没.

梅根的工作范围从住宅到小型商业工作, 重点是新建和重大改造. 虽然她的个人设计美学是干净的当代, she loves layering styles and always represents the client's personal taste in their space. 她从艺术、时尚和旅行中寻找灵感.

Over the past five years, she has designed multiple homes selling for upwards of 8 million dollars. Meghan's work on these types of projects has broadened her already vast knowledge of codes, 空间规划, 材料, 全方位服务设计.

Meghan is excited to share her 经验 in design and working with contractors and architects with our students.



我从这门课中学到了很多, 的基础知识, 创建层计划, 情绪板, 并与客户进行有效沟通.

莫妮卡丽B. Benedicto



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